Chinese Food Bloggers

Index of Chinese food blogger you should never miss, rank by the first letter.

Chinese food bloggers

Appetite for ChinaAppetite for China

Diana Kuan, a cooking class teacher based in New York share traditional Chinese dishes as well as Chinese take-outs. She has lots of easy and well customized Chinese recipes on her blog.


Chinese food bloggers|chinasichuanfoodChina Sichuan Food

The author Elaine of China Sichuan Food is born in the city Chongqing (one of the four municipalities originally from Sichuan province) and she features Sichuan food as her favorite dishes. Recipes from Elaine are authentic and showing us what Chinese people eat in modern life with great basic explanations of Chinese cooking.

Chinese food bloggers|Christine’s recipes

Christine’s recipes

Christine has published her own cookbook and started her food blog for years. Christine features lots of Cantonese home cooking and baking with a small portion of western recipes. Besides, she also provides a Chinese version if you can read Chinese.



Chinese food bloggers|food4totsFood for tots

The Malaysia based author has started her culinary journey after moving to Singapore. There are lots of happy childhood memory dishes, snacks on the blog.

Chinese food bloggers|Omnivores Cookbook

Omnivores Cookbook

Omnivores cookbook is a personal blog from a Beijing girl-Maggie, who is now based in Austin. Maggie shares lots of tips and recipes based on her own daily cooking. Some of the recipes are quite creative.

Chinese food bloggers|ladyandpupsLady and pups

Grown up in New Year, lived in Beijing and now call Hong Kong home, Mandy shows her seriousness about food. She has no love for simplified dishes. Most of her dishes are serious and advanced. Do not be intimidated by the ingredient lists, as you will still get good results by skipping some less important ingredients.

Chinese food bloggers|rasarasamalaysia

Rasa is a Chinese food celebrity in the US. Her early recipes are mostly based on Chinese cuisine or Southern asian dishes. She is also the author of a Chinese cookbook–Easy Chinese Recipes: Family Favorites From Dim Sum to Kung Pao.

Chinese food bloggers|redcook

Red Cook


“After training as an aerospace engineer and developing software on Wall Street for more than twenty years, Kian decided to pursue his passion for cooking.”

We love red cook because there is lots of explanations about Chinese cooking techniques and culture. On his blog, you can know more background information about famous Chinese dishes. Now, the new book phoenix claws and Jade trees is now quite popular on Amazon.

Chinesefoodbloggers|thewoksoflifeThe woks of life

It is a blog written by a family (one pair of parents and two daughters). They provide their daily cooking recipes with more than 60% of them are Chinese. They feature lots of popular American Chinese dishes on the blog.

Chinese food bloggers|tastehongkongTaste Hong Kong

Taste Hong Kong is a personal blog starting from 2008. There are lots of creative combination of traditional Chinese cooking and western ingredients, as the author is based in HongKong.

Chinese food bloggers|yi

Yi Reservation

Yi, a New York based food writer, introduces real and authentic Chinese recipes. His blog is updating at a slow speed now.

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